Solden, Austria - NEW YEAR 2006

On 27 December 2006 Arnie collected us from home around 0530hrs to start the long journey by car to Solden, Austria (First leg being the Ferry from Dover). We eventually arrived at the hotel around 2230hrs, exhausted but happy to be there. We stayed the Baeckelarwirt Hotel, which turned out to be a wonderful place, with great staff (Family run) and the best food we have had on ski holidays to date. We only had one drama, when one night Arnie and Marcus where unable to access there room and used our settee - certainly not a peaceful night (Snores galore!) and think the bed was a bit short for our Arnie (Photo). Solden is noted as being one of Austria’s top ski resorts, nestling between three mountains, over three thousand metres, with access to the glaziers as well (See photos below). The town had plenty of nightlife for us and we spent a great New Years Eve at the Snow Rock . (View our celebration Photos) -we had a great time there, the celebrations made that much better by everyone vacating the pub to fill out the streets at midnight, where many local hotels, pubs etc were putting on firework displays - brilliant! The travelling was hard going again on the way home, leaving at 1600hrs on the Tuesday, with one overnight stop about 7 hours into the journey, up again at 0530hrs and home by 1630hrs so all in all a lot of time in the car - hardest on the driver Arnie, which was much appreciated. But well worth the trip and Matt and I vote this as one of our best new years to date!

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