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Hope you all having/had a good un.  Will catch up with December photos and what I been up to on return from ski trip.  HAPPY NEW YEAR


Sunday 31 October 2010

How depressing - it's dark outside!  Clocks gone back - winter has arrived....

Settled back into work this week, bit thin on the ground for staff so flew by (Some things never change!) We had planned to have a fairly healthy detox type week but not really gone to plan - wine and beer still being on the scene.  Did manage to pick up on the exercise this week and lost a couple of pounds for my efforts.

Chilling out this weekend.  Did go the the Gatwick to see Mike Dobie last night, after a tasty Indian and more wine!

Loaded up some photos from October - hope you enjoy.

Have a good week

Thursday 21 October 2010

Hi all.  Hope you doing ok.  Been a fairly busy couple weeks.  We paid a visit to Devon back on 9th to help my dad celebrate his 70th and was a good family weekend with my brother and family also staying the weekend.  THe trip home didn't go to plan as the car 'died' just out of Exmouth and we had to be towed home by the AA.....8 hours later.......Car now off the road waiting a new gear box. Not ideal.

Just back from a 4 night visit to Nice, France with a girlfriend (Whilst Matt enjoying some golf in Portugal).  Had a really good time and enjoyed the experience.  We stayed at the NH Hotel which was a brilliant location and also had a visit to Monoco.  We had planned to go to Cannes as well but French Strikes put paid to that which was a shame but did give us more time to explore Nice.  Weather was great, bar first day and would recommend a visit to anyone.

Received my 'Diploma of Higher Education Open' from the Open University today, can now use designatory letters Cert HSC(Open), DipHE (Open) after my name

Two more courses to go til I get my BA/BSc Open Degree .... lot of work to go still.

Photos of the month will follow soon.  Take care


Sunday 3 October 2010

Since I last checked in Matt did his Microflight which was amazing.  It was originally booked for the Sunday but the site called and changed to the Saturday, originally this wasn't ideal but I think they did do us a favour as Matt was met by blue skies and perfect weather when his flight took  off.  It looked like a fab thing to do and Matt really enjoyed the experience....see the photos via 'My month in photos'

We spent this weekend at Mallory Park (Leic).  We were meant to be camping Friday but did end up sleeping in the car (Weather was pretty dismal) but had a great time hanging out with the Saab fanatics, few beers involved, couple dramas and some good times on the track (Photos to follow).

Off to Devon for a few days next weekend, and then countdown til my trip to Nice.  All go but wouldnt have it any other way.

Hope you all doing well


Sunday 19 September 2010

Steady week - some normality on the cards.  Not much to broadcast this week, fairly quite at work, time of year I guess and slow market and still working hard to get the house back on track.  Managed to get in a week of a few runs, classes and cardio at the gym and we had a nice night out last night at the tapas bar and a few drinks with Rich and Viola back home from Poland......



Sunday 12 September 2010

Yes I am still alive. Sorry haven't checked in lately.  Never seem to have the time, when do have 'time' tend to crash.   Just to say still here - working hard on final stages of Design course, just got back from a weekend in Bristol, Castle Coombe (Track day) and lots of other stuff.  Mad mad mad.  Will hope to settle soon and get some more time to just chill.

Also desparate to get back in a routine with the exercise...weight creeping back on.

Hope you all doing well


11 June 2010

Well we made it - worn out, dead on our feet, but the party has been and gone and the house a different place - although still lots of work to do.

We were like headless chickens right up to the hour of arrival but went off brilliantly and think a good night was had by all.

Massive thanks to all who came, especially the many of you that travelled and stayed in hotels.....

We have had a weeks rest, albeit I was still rushing an OU assignment til wed night, but now chilling and enjoying the footie

Still no kitchen and B&Q getting worse by the day but hopefully we will get there in the end


Thursday 29 April 2010

Shocked at how long since I last updated my site....Been so manic home and work!

I have uploaded some photos (My birthday, ski trip, Devon and Castle Combe).  Although seems a very long time ago the holiday was brilliant and a much needed break from routine but has all been a bit mad since we got back.  Matt is buried in house renovations and we are both really busy with work.  All a bit stressful but will be worth it.  Just hope Matt is still in one piece by the end of it all - working all hours!!!!

Off sick a few days at the mo - luvly cold/cough but almost an excuse to rest. Although finding it difficult to relax.  Glad its a bank hol weekend!!!

Monday 22 March 2010

Been a hard few weeks.  Wrote a 2000 word essay, designed a t-shirt, exercised loads, work manic and house in upheaval - no wander Matt and I are so exhausted.

One more day at work then 13 days escape.  Cannot wait.   London Wednesday then off on holiday.

Although pretty tempted to just sleep for two weeks, if could find a clean spot in the house!!!

Take care all


Sunday March 14th 2010

Hectic times.  Been a mad couple of weeks and we are both exhausted as a consequence.  Hours taken up with work, study, exercise and the house...

Everything is a big mess but work in progress and moving fast.

Hope you are all well






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